The Nurse as an instrument of healing

Healing is ……..

as the return of the integrity and wholenees of the natural state of an induvidual.

Presence as a relation style within nursing interactions that involve ” being with ” as well as “doing with “.

Three level presence:

1. Physical presence * the nurse “being there ” for the pasien in physical service. * body to body > type contact * seeing,examining,touching ,doing,hearing. * many nursing intervention are carried out at the level

2.phycoligal presence * The nurse ‘s using self as an intervention tool : ” being with” the client in a teraupetic that meets the client’s need for help,comfort,support *Mind to mind *Assesment ,communicating,active listening,caring,emphaty,dll.

3.Theraupetic presence

* The nurse’s relating to the clients whole being to whole being,using all the resources of body,mind and spirit. * Spirit to spirit * Centering ,mediating,imagery,openess,intuitive knowing,loving.


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